Analyzing General Motors Stock Price and Outlook

General Motors (GM) is one of the world’s largest automakers. Its stock price reflects investor sentiment on the company’s financial performance and future prospects within the auto industry. This article provides an in-depth analysis of General motors stock price, key drivers impacting it, price forecasts, valuation, and investment strategies.

General motors Stock Price History

General motors stock price has seen ups and downs over the past decade:

  • Traded around $70 per share in 2011-2014 period. Hit all-time high of $70.83 in October 2017.
  • Share price declined in 2018-2019 as sales slowed and profits fell. Dropped below $30.
  • Slumped below $20 during COVID pandemic as factories shut down for months.
  • Rebounded to $50 level in 2021 as economies reopened and sales picked up.
  • Fell back to low $30s in 2022 amid inflation/supply chain issues. Current price around $34.
General motors stock price
General motors stock price

Major events like restructurings, recalls, lawsuits, acquisitions have impacted GM stock volatility over the years. But long-term trajectory depends on financial and operational performance.

Key Factors Influencing General motors Stock Price

Several major factors drive GM’s stock price performance:

  • Financial Results – Key metrics like revenue, earnings per share, profit margins. Strong results lift share price.
  • New Models Launched – Successful models like SUVs and pickups boost sales and profits.
  • Market Share – GM aims to maintain share against rivals like Toyota and Ford.
  • Leadership Strategy – Management’s capital allocation and business focus impact stock.
  • Auto Industry Outlook – Investor sentiment on overall auto market affects automakers.
  • Regulations – Emission rules and push for EVs is pivotal for GM.
  • Economy – Strong consumer spending lifts auto sales. Recessions hurt.
  • Controversies – Major issues like recalls can negatively impact stock price.

Balancing these factors is key to GM’s stock price outlook.

General motors Stock Price Forecast and Estimates

General motors stock price forecasts from analysts currently range from $30 on the low end to $90 on the high end:

  • Morgan Stanley – $45 price target citing challenges from inflation and production costs.
  • Deutsche Bank – $56 estimate based on strong pickup truck demand.
  • Wedbush – $85 price target owing to growth opportunities in EVs and autonomous vehicles.
  • UBS – $56 price forecast expecting increased EV investments to pay off long-term.

The average analyst 12-month target price is around $54, representing almost 60% upside from current levels.

Bull case sees GM stock hitting $80-$90 range if the company executes strongly on:

  • EV expansion with models like Cadillac Lyriq and Silverado EV
  • Increased profitability from luxury vehicle pricing power
  • Significant market share gains in China
  • Accelerated development of autonomous driving capabilities

Bear case scenarios with GM dropping to $30 or below involve:

  • Severe economic slowdown denting vehicle sales
  • Loss of US market share to foreign competitors
  • Lack of competitive EVs leading to missed opportunities
  • Higher costs and supply chain woes eroding margins
  • Execution missteps delaying the EV and autonomous transition


How to Evaluate GM Stock

GM’s stock valuation can be assessed using various financial ratios and metrics:

IMG 2086
General motors stock price
  • P/E ratio – GM trades at a forward P/E around 6.0x versus over 9x for industry. Indicates potential undervaluation.
  • Price/Book ratio – GM’s PB is 0.9x, significantly below competitors and historic average near 1.5x. Suggests shares may be underpriced.
  • PEG ratio – GM has a PEG of 0.4, far lower than auto industry peers. Implies shares may be undervalued relative to projected growth.
  • Profit Margins – GM’s operating and net margins lag other major automakers indicating room to expand.
  • Return on Equity – GM’s ROE is higher compared to Toyota and Ford, but lags premium brands.
  • Debt Levels – GM reduced debt significantly over the past decade and has a reasonable debt-to-equity ratio now.

In addition to financial ratios, GM’s chart patterns, trends, technical indicators will provide insights into establishing stock price outlook.

Investing in GM Stock

Investors should assess arguments for or against buying GM stock:

Bull Case

  • Undervalued relative to growth potential
  • Leading position in key pickup and SUV segments
  • Investing heavily to compete in electric vehicles
  • Renowned brands like Cadillac and innovation capabilities
  • Healthy balance sheet and disciplined capital allocation
  • Attractive dividend yield around 5-6%

Bear Case

  • Loss of market share to foreign brands
  • Significant long-term liabilities for pensions and benefits
  • EV transition execution risks compared to Tesla
  • Potentially cyclical and unpredictable vehicle sales
  • Rising costs from inflation and supply chain turmoil

GM stock suits different investment strategies:

  • Growth – betting on EV and autonomous opportunity
  • Value – low valuation multiples signal underpricing
  • Income – dividend yields higher than market

Investors can purchase GM shares directly or gain exposure through ETFs and mutual funds focused on the automotive sector. Managing overall portfolio risk and diversification is key when investing in an individual auto stock like GM.


What is General motors stock price now?

General motors stock price is around $34 as of November 2022. The 52-week range has been $30 to $67.

How has GM stock performed in 2022?

GM stock is down over 30% year-to-date in 2022 amid broad market weakness and auto industry challenges.

Is GM stock a good long-term investment?

GM has potential upside from EV growth, but also risks from execution and competition. Appropriate as part of a diversified portfolio.

Does GM pay dividends?

Yes, GM pays a quarterly dividend that yields around 5-6% based on the current stock price.

What is the projection of general motors stock price outlook?

Analyst average price target for GM stock is $54, which would represent close to 60% upside from today’s levels. But estimates range widely from $30 to $90 per share.


General motors stock price will depend significantly on the company’s capability to maintain truck/SUV profits while making substantial investments to electrify its vehicle portfolio over the next decade. Macroeconomic conditions, competitive dynamics, technology trends and execution of long-term plans will play key roles in determining whether GM stock moves towards bullish or bearish scenarios. For investors, assessing the company’s valuation, growth prospects, risks and industry backdrop will be crucial to making informed decisions around allocating capital to General motors stock price.


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