What is a dividend? The term “dividend” refers to a form of payment or distribution made by a company to shareholders of the company. The form (e.g. stock, cash) and the amount (e.g. monthly or quarterly) the amount the dividend are determined through the Board of Directors, but must be ratified by shareholders. The frequency of …

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What is Bitcoin?   Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency used as a medium of exchange and storage of value. Bitcoin was inspired by earlier cryptocurrencies like Hashcash and b-money, which were invented as early as 1997 and are cited in Bitcoin documents. The name Satoshi Nakamoto has been associated with the original white paper that was …

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Long Position – Long What Is a Long Position? A long-term position, also known as “going long,” occurs when an investor purchases an asset, holds it for a certain period and then sells it later. Contrast this with the opposite is true. A Short position, often referred to as short, occurs when an investor sells …